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Hosting Packages

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The importance of quality hosting

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Quality website hosting is important because it forms the basis for a successful website. A good hosting provider will provide one fast and reliable website, waardoor gebruikers een prettige ervaring hebben en langer op de website blijven. Bovendien kan een goede hosting provider helpen bij het verbeteren van de zoekmachineoptimalisatie (SEO) van de website, waardoor deze hoger in de zoekresultaten terechtkomt. Een betrouwbare hosting provider biedt ook beveiligingsfuncties zoals firewalls en back-ups, waardoor de website minder kwetsbaar is voor hackers en malware .

A good hosting provider can also help improve website load time, which is important for user experience and SEO. A slow website can frustrate users and cause them to leave the website before viewing the content. This can lead to a higher bounce rate and lower conversion rates.

In short, quality website hosting is essential for a successful website. It ensures a fast, reliable and secure website that offers users a pleasant experience and ranks higher in search results. Good luck optimizing the website!

Hosting that helps you grow

We are affiliated with SiteGround. This is a popular web hosting provider known for its reliable and fast service.

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Make your site run up to 500% faster

Premium Google Cloud

Our platform is built on premium Google cloud infrastructure for top reliability, security and speed. We take advantage of their fast network and permanent SSD storage for optimal site speed and a high level of redundancy.

Ultra-fast server configuration

We developed a custom implementation of PHP and MySQL for high website performance. Our PHP installation alone significantly reduces TTFB (time to first byte) and makes your pages load 30% faster on average.

WordPress top speed

We are constantly working to improve WordPress performance. All sites hosted by us have static and dynamic caching enabled, which alone results in up to 5x faster sites. We also pre-install our proprietary Speed Optimizer plugin on all instances, giving you out-of-the-box media and front-end optimizations and environmental monitoring for better performance.

Latest technologies integrated

We consistently rank among the first hosting companies to offer their users access to the latest speed technologies. Our customers don't have to wait to take advantage of the latest PHP versions or the most innovative protocols and compression algorithms such as Brotli, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3 and OCSP Stapling.

Enjoy top-notch hosting support

Our customer service team is among the highest rated support teams online, fast, versatile and helpful.